Reasons We Find Not To Exercise - Part 2

I’m Too Tired!

I’m Too Tired!

I get it. Life is exhausting! Work, home, hobbies, social life, they all take their toll on how tired we feel. Add to that lack of sleep, cold bugs, aches and pains, the general stress that we encounter throughout the day and you could be forgiven for thinking why does anyone exercise? Quite frankly the pull of the sofa, a nice cuppa with a biscuit and your favourite TV series seems the much better option!

Leaving aside the medical reasons why someone may be too tired (a separate topic for another day) we generally use tiredness as an excuse for not doing something we’re not looking forward to! Generally we will be able to get our act together to meet friends, go to the cinema, have a meal out even when we are bone tired. So if this is the case when it comes to exercising, we need to address why this is happening and find the solution to take the need for the excuse away.

So What Can We Do?

Recognise the difference between physical tiredness and mental tiredness: If you are physically tired and your body hurts then it may be the day for a long walk instead of a full on blow out session at the gym. Mental tiredness can feel draining and you may not feel like doing anything. But, exercise is often the best medicine for this. The endorphins released when you workout help lift your mood, increase your mental and physical energy levels and can really set you up for a positive productive day. So recognising the difference is important.

Find an exercise that excites you: We will always want to do something fun and engaging even when we feel tired. So don’t avoid 30minutes on the treadmill, chose to do something else. Something fun. And if you can play loud upbeat music whilst doing it, that is a bonus!

Find someone to share with: You don’t necessarily have to have someone you always workout with. But having someone who supports, encourages and shares your goals can be hugely beneficial when the going gets tough and your mind tells you to sit on the sofa and veg! That accountability and support makes all the difference to keeping you consistent with your exercise and helping you to continue to enjoy your chosen workout.

Set Goals: If you have a goal to work towards, be it a 5k run, a charity walk, running up the steps at work, whatever it is will help you commit to a regular exercise regime because you know you are working towards achieving something you really want to do. It gives you a target and focus so that when you don’t want to play it is the extra incentive to give yourself a kick up the backside and get on with it!

Make it a cast iron routine: Build your exercise into your weekly diary and set it in stone as firmly as you would a business or doctors appointment. Then plan for it. Get changed into your workout kit before leaving work or going on the school run. Once you are in the gear you are more likely to exercise.

Just Start: Some days you just don’t want to exercise. On those days commit to 5 minutes! Just by starting to exercise our minds will get in the game. Most of the time once you start and those endorphins work their magic you wont want to stop and will surprise yourself how much you can do.

Focus on the benefits: There are all the health benefits, better sleep, more energised, greater mental focus, stronger body. But don’t underestimate the strength of your mind. Each time you exercise in spite of your mind telling you that you are too tired, you will have overcome a mental hurdle, increased your strength of mind and your commitment to your health and well being. You will have won. And we all love to win!

“I took it upon myself to turn my life around. I wanted to be healthier, have more vitality, energy and strength. I wanted long-term benefits not a short-term fix by dropping a dress size for a few months.”

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