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Sara Southey, My Story
Work with me

So you're ready to put yourself first.
Ready to live your best life.
Ready to be healthier, happier and more successful.
Ready to be strong - body, mind and soul.
Ready to reap the rewards of the best YOU.

But how?

Here are a few of the main areas we'll work together on:
How to create change in your life the easy way.
How to instil those healthy practises into your life for good.
How to evaluate where you currently are and where you want to go.
How to take your dreams, create a plan and action it so you succeed.
How to adapt your plan when Real Life throws you a curve ball.
How to take control of your own health and fitness for life.

And I will be right there with you to help, guide, prod and support you!

The relationship we have is key!
For you to get the best results we have to work as a team.

I always offer a free chat before we start working together to see if I am your kind of person and you are mine!

Once we've decided that we are each other’s kind of person and we start working together, there'll be expectations to help us achieve your results:

Decide to take control of your own actions.
Take responsibility for the changes you want to make.
Commit to yourself and what you want to achieve.
Commit to implementing your plan to the best of your ability.
Commit to putting the work in even when it gets challenging.
Be open and honest with me in all communications.

And here’s what I commit to do in return:

Be behind you 100% as your support, accountability partner and cheerleader.
Work with you to design the action plan that is right for you.
Advise and guide on your goals, actions and dreams.
Be open and honest at all times, even when you don’t want to hear it!
Commit to do everything I can to help you achieve your results in the time we work together.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

Are you ready to take the next step to getting YOU back on track?

Here’s how you can work with me

Take Control Distance Superstars

This is a 10 week distance programme including:

3 Zoom coaching sessions
Exercise programming & weekly updates (no gym required)
Nutrition & Lifestyle advice and guidance
Weekly accountability & support
Ongoing direct contact with me via Messenger

Take Control Private Superstars

This is for you if;

You have a specific challenge or goal you need help with
You want personal coaching and guidance to make changes to existing health habits
You want greater accountability and support on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
You want to fast track your health & fitness learning
Personal training sessions are part of what you want

All my private Superstars have their own bespoke health & fitness content created specifically for their requirements. The bespoke plans are for a minimum of 3 months and include some or all of the following:

Personal Training sessions at The Southey Way location or another pre-agreed location
Personalised Nutrition advice & plans
Sleep & Lifestyle guidance
Energy management, restoration & healing
Fat loss, weight management including skin fold measurements
Strength, conditioning and mobility programming
Sport-specific exercise programmes
Charity challenge & adventure programming
Daily/weekly/monthly review meetings via Zoom or face-to-face
Ongoing direct contact with me via Messenger

Take Control Challenge Superstars

10 week challenge includes

Max 4 people per group
Weekly in person exercise session
Weekly progress & accountability check
Private Facebook group
Nutrition & Lifestyle advice & guidance
Weekly coaching video
Weekly workouts
3 bonus group coaching sessions shared with all groups
Ongoing direct contact with me via Messenger