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The Southey Way

A strength and fitness programme that teaches you how much potential you have;  a programme that helps you build a strong body and mind to live your life to the full, to help you take on challenges and adventures with energy and confidence in yourself and your ability.

Strong in Body

Build your strength and energy. Discover the power that comes from having a strong body. The limitless places you can explore when you can trust your body to be strong enough to enjoy the challenges that make life vibrant and worth living!

Strong in Mind

The Southey Way Programme is designed to be challenging for your mind as much as your body. Train your mind along with your body. The results of realising how much we can do when we put our minds to it affect our whole life. Once you know you can achieve more than you thought the world is your oyster.

Whole Body Confidence

Achieve body confidence that doesn’t come from being a particular clothing size or a specific weight. A confidence that comes from you, your strength and your love of what you and your body can achieve.

The Southey Way will challenge you but the reward you get is immeasurable. You – strong, healthy, energetic and confident in what you can achieve, open to how much potential you have and with the side affect of looking great too!

Sara Southey

Fitness Coach and Personal Lifestyle Mentor

“We are capable of amazing things and a strong body and mind is a vital part of being able to achieve those things. Through regular exercise, an exclusive network of likeminded people and support, coaching and encouragement from me, you will become strong again and rediscover your energy to live your life to your full potential!

This is not a quick fix, nor a miracle cure. This is a long term change for the better.”

At the age of 45, I’ve been through various forms of me: the career business trainer, the stay at home mother, the entrepreneur garden designer. Most of these versions were full of stress and depression and lacked hugely in self confidence, self belief, exercise and ultimately happiness.

My life changed when I found this training approach, both personally and professionally. Over the last 6 years I have grown in both strength and confidence. I have successfully learned ways to make this training work with my home and work life. The end result is still me. But a happier, more confidence, more capable me who is enjoying life and rising to life’s challenges knowing I will not just cope but thrive.

And that is why I set up The Southey Way. To provide you with the training, support and guidance and motivation you need so that you can be and feel as strong as I do right now. Reset and energise your life!

Strength, Fitness and Support Videos

Use these videos to help and support your journey on The Southey Way Programme.


Great exercises you can do at home


Helpful fitness hints and tips


Getting to know me


Getting to know you


Changing your mindset & more!


Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.

Me, My Fitness & I

I started at the beginning. Adjusting and getting my body and mind used to this new routine, these new movements, building my strength and my confidence in my ability. I spent time learning to exercise well and safely and gradually pushing the limits of what I thought I could do. After a year or so of this I was ready to explore new ways of exercising and using my fitness to challenge myself more. It was at this point I was introduced to Crossfit.

For me, Crossfit was the natural progression from what I started out doing. From the minute I started at Crossfit Didcot, I felt I had found my sport, my hobby and my passion. And I haven’t looked back since, competing in local and national competitions both as an individual and as part of a team. Using these competitions to motivate me to do my best when I train so I can be the best I can be!

How does this affect you?

My goal, with The Southey Way, is to help you become strong, energised and confident. To give you the skills and strength to live your life to the full and go out and explore what the world has to offer.

As you get stronger, fitter and more confident, you may want to try different sports, activities, and challenges. The key to success is to find activities that you are passionate about, challenges that drive you forward, hobbies that excite and engage you. Find that activity and you will find the commitment to eat better, train harder and look after yourself more so that you can be the best you can be doing what you love!

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