Month: February 2023

A Story About…CBA Days 2

A Story About…CBA Days 2

Do you get them? What do you do? For those of you not familiar with the term CBA stands for Can’t Be Arsed We all have those days, even people who seem to regularly have all their ducks in a row!   Some signs of […]

A Story about…Time Out!

A Story about…Time Out!

What does Time Out look like for you? I held my, now monthly, Shed Social this week. There is no agenda. It’s just a Time Out to socialise, meet new people, chat about life the universe and everything. It’s space held for whatever those coming […]

A Story about…It’s Personal

A Story about…It’s Personal

Have you felt it was truly personal with your PT or coach?

I’m often asked what makes me different from other health & fitness professionals.

Here’s one of the main ones: For me, it’s personal.

By that, I mean I’m all in for each and every one of my clients.

Here’s why.

So my clients are very special people.
?They are my Superstars ?

Each and every one of my clients inspire me to be better than I think I can be (and I think I’m pretty awesome ?)

My Superstars ? lead very different lives and work in a variety of industries that, on paper, wouldn’t look like they have any common ground.

But they do.

They are all driven in one way or another to help others to the best of their abilities. Both inside and outside their work environment.

All have a tendency (which they recognise) to put themselves last in their list!

?My purpose?
To help then be fit, healthy and happy within themselves so they have a rock steady foundation to live their purpose.

That role is impossible to achieve with a cookie cutter approach.

Non of these Superstars ?would come to me at The Shed if this was my approach.

My Superstars ?need to be supported with a personal approach.

Each one of these people is an individual, bringing their own agendas, purpose, way of working and thinking and actioning into The Shed.

So I work within those parameters, guided by each Superstar ?. After all, there is not a lot worse than being shoehorned into someone else’s way of working is there? Especially when it’s your life and your journey!

One may come in and want to get cracking on the physical exercise straight away. Another needs time in The Chair to download.

One may like working to goals and deadlines. Another responding well to suggestions.

One may share, in the safe shed space, personal issues ready for an independent set of ears to help dig out a solution. Another may want to joke and have a laugh.

One may like to be timed on their workout as a measure of achievement. Another wants nothing to do with the clock.

One may like to work out to Motown. Another preferring K-pop.

One may want to be pushed hard and into the red zone. Another may want to never sweat at all.

Each Superstar ?could be one or more of these things or some I haven’t mentioned!

So, for me to achieve my purpose, it HAS to be personal.

Because for each Superstar ?it is personal. Their choice, their journey.


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