Month: May 2024

A Story About…Happiness

A Story About…Happiness

There is a lot of talk about work/life balance and how we should strive to maintain the perfect balance between the two. 50/50 being how it is represented often and there in lies happiness. Or does it? It seems logical to approach life like this […]

A Story About…Ripples and Waves

A Story About…Ripples and Waves

I have a purpose that I haven’t been shouting from the roof tops. A mission if you will! One that is ambitious and yet so doable! My mission is to help the world thrive and live healthier happier lives, one person at a time. I […]

A Story About…Owning our Sh*t!

A Story About…Owning our Sh*t!

I was once told I was arrogant for saying “I’m awesome at what I do”

❓How would you react if someone said this to you?

Would you…
Get angry or cross?
Say thank you?
Feel hurt?

I was grateful for the comment because it allowed me to share exactly why I am awesome at what I do!

My response?
It’s not arrogant to own your skills, your worth and your impact.

I am awesome at helping my clients sort their shit out, physically, mentally and emotionally so they thrive more in their lives.

I know I am awesome because:
I’ve done the work in and on myself and accept and own who I am
My clients tell me often how they and their lives change when they step into their awesomeness

Owning our shit isn’t about denying anything or hiding our weaknesses. We all are awesome in many various and different ways. We also all have shit going on in our lives that is less than awesome at times.

In fact one of the best ways for us to step up and make a change for ourselves, our lives and those around us is to Own our own Shit.

Taking responsibility for the good we do is as important as learning from the mistakes and failures we make.

By acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses we can decide what actions to take and then take them!

We choose each of our actions and responses to both external and internal influences.

Owning our Sh*t can be hard work.

It means taking responsibility for:
The excuses we make to not do something
The blame we place (on ourselves and others)
Choosing to do nothing instead of something
Procrastinating so we don’t have the time to do it

It means:
Choosing to do the hard but right thing
Committing to ourselves consistently
Learning where we hide and coming out from the dark
Holding the boundaries of our purpose and self worth
Living by a personal set of values that align and move you forward

Owning your shit has huge benefits:
Living a truly authentic life
Thriving physically, mentally and emotionally
Leading by example for others to see the benefits
Following your purpose with passion and drive
Stepping up to your awesome and no longer hiding in the shadows
Having the energy and resilience to pay it forward and help and support others.

It may be challenging but it’s also super empowering and super liberating.

So, no it is not arrogant to own your shit.

It’s absolutely essential – for you and all who are around you!

And if you would like help and support owning your shit, drop me a message.

Because I’m awesome at this stuff!



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