A Story About… Habits

A Story About… Habits

I have a habit of messing up taking videos of important stuff – as you can see from this clip of my daughter’s first ever rock step climb in Wales this weekend.

In my excitement I pressed the record button twice ???? I like to think this was a one off. But I also did it on my husband’s turn of the ascent ????????‍♀️

????What relevance does this have to you, you may wonder?

Well, habits can help or hinder us.

And we get to choose which ones we persevere with!

Mike Foster & I are collaborating on 4th May with our Habit Makers event. Our aim is to help you explore, develop and sustain those habits that help you in your business and personal life.

The Eventbrite link is live for more information and to book your place ???? I promise I won’t do any videoing ????


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