A Story About … Sorting my own Sh!t

A Story About … Sorting my own Sh!t

Yes I have some. In fact quite a lot of ?

Mostly it’s day to day
? A gorgeous but incontinent old spaniel surrounded by 3 other lively ones that are not careful where they run
? A close family who I support with their own sh!t going on
? Running a business that I LOVE delivering in but not such a great fan of the operational ‘stuff’
? Balancing my fitness alongside recovering from some ‘fun’ operations

Add some seasonal ? to the mix (dark, wet, windy and gloomy weather challenges my positive mindset every year) and I felt myself tipped over the edge into a dark patch of life.

Yesterday and this morning the ? hit me, hard!

I missed my daily outside walk/run yesterday due to a physio appointment where I was encouraged to be patient with a setback in my healing. By the time I got back from Oxford it was dark and the prospect of a wet walk in the night as a lone female had zero appeal.

I binned out of the day and sat under a large fluffy blanket with endless tea reading my book. Whilst being pestered by suspiciously wet pawed spaniels asking for their dinner.

A bad pain night left me pondering the wiseness of getting up for early morning networking.

The negative diatribe in my head was working up to full steam!

And then I stopped. ?

I took a moment to breathe.
I recognised this cycle
I saw myself sabotaging my positivity
I could see the ‘fuck it, I can’t be arsed’ train of thought happening in real time.

I took a moment and chose to observe and regroup.

I refocused on what my purpose is.
I centred my thinking around small actions I could take to support myself.
I resolved to work through those actions one at a time
I have the faith in myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to keep moving, however slowly, towards it.

I know this process works

As I write this, I am still working my way towards the light.

I am celebrating each win that brings me closer back to my shining light.

? I gave myself time to allow the feelings to move through
? I shared with those who are close to me and that I trust to support me
? I re-engaged with my WHY and my plans to move forward
? I went networking anyway and had some great learning
? I allowed the family to help with the old dog clean up
? I went outside for my walk/run and got the sun on my face

Having a plan, allowing the feelings and taking those small actions and asking for help and support can help us cope so much better with life’s challenges.

Do you struggle to sort your ? out in your life?

I can’t promise that you’ll never have ? in your life. But I can show you how to see your shining light at the end of the dark tunnel.

? It Happens! It’s what we do next that makes the difference ?

If you’d like some strategies to find that shining light, check out the link in my ?photo ?

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