A Story about…Time Out!

A Story about…Time Out!

What does Time Out look like for you?

I held my, now monthly, Shed Social this week.

There is no agenda. It’s just a Time Out to socialise, meet new people, chat about life the universe and everything.

It’s space held for whatever those coming need it to be.

This time, we talked about taking Time Out in our lives.

✅A break from our daily responsibilities.
✅A change in routine giving more space.

Quality time to spend
Relaxing with hobbies
Resetting our minds
Nurturing the relationships with those important to us.

Taking advantage of impromptu gaps
Planning in time outs to look forward to.

What does Time Out look like for you?

?Next Shed Social is on 16th March 9:30-11am. See you there?

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