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A Story About…CBA Days 2

A Story About…CBA Days 2

Do you get them? What do you do? For those of you not familiar with the term CBA stands for Can’t Be Arsed We all have those days, even people who seem to regularly have all their ducks in a row!   Some signs of […]

A Story about…Time Out!

A Story about…Time Out!

What does Time Out look like for you? I held my, now monthly, Shed Social this week. There is no agenda. It’s just a Time Out to socialise, meet new people, chat about life the universe and everything. It’s space held for whatever those coming […]

A Story about…It’s Personal

A Story about…It’s Personal

Have you felt it was truly personal with your PT or coach?

I’m often asked what makes me different from other health & fitness professionals.

Here’s one of the main ones: For me, it’s personal.

By that, I mean I’m all in for each and every one of my clients.

Here’s why.

So my clients are very special people.
?They are my Superstars ?

Each and every one of my clients inspire me to be better than I think I can be (and I think I’m pretty awesome ?)

My Superstars ? lead very different lives and work in a variety of industries that, on paper, wouldn’t look like they have any common ground.

But they do.

They are all driven in one way or another to help others to the best of their abilities. Both inside and outside their work environment.

All have a tendency (which they recognise) to put themselves last in their list!

?My purpose?
To help then be fit, healthy and happy within themselves so they have a rock steady foundation to live their purpose.

That role is impossible to achieve with a cookie cutter approach.

Non of these Superstars ?would come to me at The Shed if this was my approach.

My Superstars ?need to be supported with a personal approach.

Each one of these people is an individual, bringing their own agendas, purpose, way of working and thinking and actioning into The Shed.

So I work within those parameters, guided by each Superstar ?. After all, there is not a lot worse than being shoehorned into someone else’s way of working is there? Especially when it’s your life and your journey!

One may come in and want to get cracking on the physical exercise straight away. Another needs time in The Chair to download.

One may like working to goals and deadlines. Another responding well to suggestions.

One may share, in the safe shed space, personal issues ready for an independent set of ears to help dig out a solution. Another may want to joke and have a laugh.

One may like to be timed on their workout as a measure of achievement. Another wants nothing to do with the clock.

One may like to work out to Motown. Another preferring K-pop.

One may want to be pushed hard and into the red zone. Another may want to never sweat at all.

Each Superstar ?could be one or more of these things or some I haven’t mentioned!

So, for me to achieve my purpose, it HAS to be personal.

Because for each Superstar ?it is personal. Their choice, their journey.


Group, Online or 121 Memberships – what works for you best? You choose. PM me for a chat to find YOUR best solution.

A Story about …New Year’s resolutions

A Story about …New Year’s resolutions

This is me doing it my way so that some of you can do it your way.   I am not a fan of making those sweeping resolutions that tend to happen in January. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and […]

A Story About … Christmas Charity Shed Social ?

A Story About … Christmas Charity Shed Social ?

The last Shed Social was a lot of fun. We had good chats, hung out in the shed with new and existing friends. Drank tea and coffee of different varieties and grazed from an amazing sharing platter provided by The Oxford Grazing Company. If you […]

A Story about …CBA days

A Story about …CBA days

Do you get them? What do you do? ?

For those of you not familiar with the term CBA stands for Can’t Be Arsed

We all have those days, even people who seem to regularly have all their ducks in a row! ????

Some signs of a CBA day looming:

? Drained after a bad nights sleep
? Feeling under the weather, not quite right
? Family being more challenging than normal
☑️ To Do list is too long and too challenging
??‍♀️ Everything you touch seems to go wrong
? Get up and go seems to have got up and gone
? Exercise is not appealing.
?‍♀️ Teetering on the edge feels more like clinging on by your fingertips!

This time of year can trigger more of those CBA moments than normal with the unpredictable weather, the darkness and dreariness.

It can all seem too much. The desire to bin out and just hunker down under a blanket with a plateful of biscuits and hide from the world can be very strong! Or is that just me? ??‍♀️

Here’s how I manage a big case of the CBA’s.

I give it a score out of 10. And then take action accordingly.

?1-5 out of 10 – A mild CBA DAY

Often a mindset change can change the course of the day. So planning and actioning a few tiny steps can get me back on track

? Drink some water
? Take a walk
? 10mins sat quietly with no distractions
?‍♀️ A chat with a (supportive) friend
? A hug
✍️ Writing down the crap in my head
??‍♀️ Some gentle stretching
? The ritual of making a proper cup of tea (or coffee)
? A nap

And then moving on to something small and not arduous that will give me the feeling of achieving something that day.

✅ An easy item ticked off the To Do list
?? Some exercise – something that is enjoyable and not too challenging
? Clear some clutter

Action is so much easier to take once you start taking it. And the tiny steps create momentum to the small steps that then make the larger steps more manageable ??

?6-9 out of 10 – A medium CBA Day

These are the times when the overwhelm seems overwhelming! When the tears are right there waiting and the thoughts tend toward the negative and small things going wrong lead to end of the world despair!

These are the times I treat myself to permission to change the plan for the day.

Some things I do

✋?Give myself permission to not achieve
?Write the angst onto paper and burn it
?‍♀️Recognise that I am not superwoman
⏱Take the morning/afternoon/day off all non essentials
? Choose to do something that is comforting and nurturing and enjoy it with no guilt
? Hunt for and celebrate all and any positives and silver linings I can think of
? Stay away from media/news/challenging tv
?Decide what I want the next minute/hour/day to look and feel like
?Take the tiny/small actions that will help that happen
??Celebrate each and every step

CBA days can feel overwhelming.
But we can still choose how we act

What causes your CBA days? And what actions do you take?

?10 out of 10 – A High CBA day
These days are the days when just getting out of bed is too challenging.

Often I find these days are the days when the essential non avoidable adulting needs to be done by someone else.

These are the days, when if we force the issue and keep trying to drive forward will lead a CBA moment extending over a longer time frame.

These are what I class as emergency self care days.

How I deal with those days?
?Explain in as self supporting way as possible to those around me what is going on and how I am choosing to nurture myself
⏭Delegate, rearrange, cancel my diary for that day.
? Listen to my body and mind and only do the things that don’t challenge me.
?? Remind myself that it’s ok to not be ok
? Take myself out of my head (normally with a good book) to break the thought cycle
?Aim to bring the 10/10 down by 1 so I can move on to the middle actions.

A Story About … Sorting my own Sh!t

A Story About … Sorting my own Sh!t

Yes I have some. In fact quite a lot of ? Mostly it’s day to day ? A gorgeous but incontinent old spaniel surrounded by 3 other lively ones that are not careful where they run ? A close family who I support with their […]

A Story With…A Starfish

A Story With…A Starfish

Long Story Short: Why is The Southey Way logo a starfish? Did you know that there are over 1900 different types of Starfish? And this number is, amazingly, growing.   Did you know Starfish can regenerate? Most can regenerate damaged parts or lost arms.  How […]

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

The short answer?

A fighter pilot – aged 8 and female in the 70’s this was not even allowed! I was told I could be an air traffic control officer instead.  Same, same, right?!

By the time society had changed enough to let women be fighter pilots my eyesight was too bad.  Blooming typical!

I didn’t find my true purpose & passion until the age of 42 with The Southey Way!


The Long answer?

OK buckle up, I’m going to Top Gun this Story. Get a cuppa and settle in for the ride!

I figured it should be a good idea to start at The Beginning.

How did The Southey Way come about? Where did it all start?

I have to start with The Black Years. About 10 of them!

Without going into too much detail, I was not a happy bunny for a very long time.  Only I didn’t realise I wasn’t happy.  I just thought I was getting Life all wrong! Failing miserably at Life, the Universe and Everything.

I was staying at home raising my 2 young kids, supporting my husband (who was working a demanding job and working away a lot) and looking after our 1st spaniel. My sole purpose was to help them live their best lives possible. Everything I did, I did for them.  That was my job, and I was going to do it to the best of my ability.

So why was I so miserable? Why did I struggle to feel happy? Why was it so difficult to get out of bed each day? Why could I not leave the house on my own? Why did I eat & drink all the bad stuff? Why did the voice in my head beat me up so much? Why was I so invisible and insignificant?

Too many questions for my poor brain to cope with.

On the outside it would appear I had everything: Husband, lovely kids, crazy spaniel, nice house etc etc etc. All the things we are encouraged to be and do. And all around me people thought all was ok. I was an expert in not letting my misery or failure show.

But on the inside, I felt I’d lost myself, who I was as a person, as an individual.  I felt invisible.  I had no self-respect, self-worth, self-confidence and no voice.

It was a very self-destructive time.

Then I came to The Fork in The Road

By this point it was very clear to me that I couldn’t carry on as I had been.  Something would have to happen.  Either I took the one path that left me sliding down the slippery slope of doom and failure and pain.  Or I took the other path.  The one that went I knew not where but had a glint of sunshine peeking from around the corner.

Fortunately, I took the glinting path. And off I ventured, one baby step at a time. Quite literally!

I looked for help.  Someone that was separate from my life. Someone to support, help, advise and guide me on my way. I knew I didn’t want someone who was going to tell me what to do. I didn’t want another framework, blueprint, 5 step plan, rule to follow.  I just wanted someone to listen, not judge but make observations and support me when I made a decision for myself.

I looked hard but could not find that someone. So, I resolved to do it on my own, my way, whatever that took, however hard that would be.

And it was hard!

I started to move. Literally move. Setting myself the challenge to walk to the first lamp post every day, then the next and slowly going further and faster.  And my brain started to work again.  I started finding solutions, to think about what the next step forward would be. To reward myself for the lampposts reached.

Slowly, I got fitter physically and as I did, I got stronger mentally. Over the next 8 years I worked on myself.  I finally found people to help me: a personal trainer with a gentle approach, a coach with an encouraging and supportive manner, a business community of people going through their own life challenges.

I realised I will always have to do things my way, but I certainly don’t have to do it alone.

In May 2016, I had a moment. I was in a great place, personally.  I had found my voice, my self-confidence, and my self-worth. I finally respected myself.

I realised I was now in the position to BE the person I have been looking for all those years ago.

I was in the position to listen, support, help and guide people to find their own way through their own dark days. To help each individual find their own path with their own ray of sunshine. To help people find their way to thriving in their lives. To help each person make those baby steps to change with less pain, anxiety and stress than doing it on their own.

I had found my purpose in life.

I finally found my answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up” (Although I wouldn’t say I’ve grown up. I did that once and it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. But that’s another story!)


Within 24hours of this realisation I had set up The Southey Way.

So named because I walk my journey my way. I live my life The Southey Way and I help others take responsibility and control and live their lives their way.

What an awesome amazing way to thrive!


Until next time, Superstar


Sara x


Sara Southey from The Southey Way

Not just a personal trainer!


Health & Fitness for you, helping you thrive and not just survive

Body, mind and soul


Specialising in helping each individual person take control of their life and create their own unique sustainable health & wellbeing habits to thrive and not just survive


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It’s Story Time at The Southey Way

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