A Story About…Disappointment & Celebration ….what would you do?

When my consultant told me the other week that I have Osteoarthritis in my shoulder, my heart fell. When he then told me “No more CrossFit and no more Powerlifting” I nearly cried!

These two have been my joy for so many years and I’ve been holding on tight to the hope I’ll get back to them fully. They are essential to me for both my physical and mental health and I have never found anything to replace them in my heart.

When he said “you’ll just have to do cardio and light resistant training for your muscle tone” I nearly lost my sh*t! This is old fashioned thinking at best and at worst could lead women to think they must not train at all. (I can’t imagine he would have used this language to a man).

Luckily (for him), I was able to breathe through my emotional response quickly and respond in a logical and respectful manner.

To cut a long story short, after a discussion we came to an agreement of what would be acceptable for both of us in terms of the restrictions I now have and maximising the length of time I have with good range of movement and minimising my pain levels.

So welcome to CrossFit Lite

Gone are the big numbers and pushing hard
Here to stay are small numbers and fun

Gone are the flashy gymnastics of pull ups and handstand press-ups
Here to stay is the static holds & strength building to support continued movement long term

Gone are the competitions and adrenaline of the ‘3..2..1..Go!’
Here to stay is community spirit and supporting & cheering on others

Gone are the PB celebrations
Here to stay the daily celebrations of still being able to do what I love

I have found MY way of achieving what I need for sustainable, continuous health.

Each day will be different and each time I train I will have to scale my movements and my thinking.

Some days I will be able to do more and some days I may have to rest.

And that is OK.
Because I can still train.
There’s so much I CAN do.

And because I refuse to sit in despair feeling sad for myself I will always find my silver lining and My Way. I will continue to do this, whatever life throws at me.

Because life is for living and thriving; Not settling and surviving.

Why do I share this with you?

I’m tired of you accepting less than you deserve, being told you can’t or shouldn’t with no real evidence.
I’m tired of hearing sweeping generic prescriptions around diet and exercise and health in general before a discussion has happened about what you as an individual can and want to do.

We need champions of positivity and possibility in challenging times not doom and gloom naysaying.

Who is your champion?

If you don’t have a champion of positivity and possibility, give me a shout.



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