I Don’t Have Time!

This is a good one! In this day and age we all have multiple calls on our time. A combination of work, spouse, children, home chores, social activities all make demands on our time. And by the end of the day the last thing that seems possible is to take precious time out of these tasks to spend on ourselves exercising. It can feel selfish and arduous and something that can happen tomorrow, next week, next month. We all have time if we want it. Time to pop for a quick drink with a mate, a brief shopping trip in our lunch hour, time reading facebook posts or watching videos. Time for our regular TV programmes. The time is there, it is how we chose to spend it that is key. We all know that it is vital that we exercise. We only get one body and the better we use it the more we will be able to achieve, both in and out of the gym. The less health problems we will have in later years. The more we will be able to play with our children, have adventures, and at the very least feel healthier to carry out our day to day lives.

So how can we find the time?

Make yourself a priority: If you are fit and happy in yourself then it radiates out to the people around you creating a positive change in your environment and will encourage you to continue to exercise more. Find something you like to do: Exercise can feel like a chore if you don’t enjoy it. You don’t have to join a gym or run miles if you don’t enjoy it. Try different things and see which activity makes you want to go back and do it again. Find someone to do it with you: Be it a family member, a colleague or someone from the pub. Exercising with people can be a huge motivator to carry on when the time gets tough. A commitment to another person is harder to break than a commitment to ourselves Get some support: Whether it be from a personal trainer, a coach, someone you admire, someone who already exercises regularly. Having someone to talk to about your concerns and someone who holds you accountable to your commitment to exercise is invaluable and will enable you to keep your momentum going Make a plan: look at your daily commitments and see where you can find 30 minutes in your day. Whether is it getting up ½ and hour earlier, stepping away from your desk at lunchtime, whilst the kids are at their clubs, replacing some TV time in the evening. Find a regular time 3 times a week and commit to doing your best for that 30minutes. The benefits of regular exercise are endless and spread throughout our busy lives. Don’t blame time – Find the Time!

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