LiftYourMind Roadshows – Where the hell did that idea come from?

LiftYourMind Roadshows – Where the hell did that idea come from?

There’s crazy and there’s crazy!

What causes a normally sane person to put a successful business on hold and start a new one?

Passion and determination, that's what!

When I started exercising it was a struggle but soon became a worthwhile and essential part of my day. My big light-bulb moment was not only the changes to my health and fitness, but the changes happening to my mind. The more I challenged myself in my workouts the more I was able to combat the negative talk in my head. I soon realised that if I pushed through when my mind was telling me to quit I could go further and achieve more. What a great feeling that is! And this started to spill out into challenges I experienced outside of the workouts. I found I was more and more capable of dealing with life’s upsets and challenges. As my body increased in strength, so did my mind and so did my confidence. Three for the price of one. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Household Objects lifting ladder
What do you lift on a regular basis at home?


My name is Sara Southey and I set up The Southey Way to help you do this for yourself. The Southey Way is about strength of mind as well as body. The tailored strength and fitness programme enables people to look after themselves.

From my own journey (yes, I used the J word), I know how hard this can be on your own. It can be a challenge to change your mindset and your habits by yourself. When you focus on putting family and work first, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to work on YOU.

You can read more about my journey (there it is again!) at

I am determined to help as many other people have this opportunity for a full life. My question was, how could I do this?

I looked for some way to bring this game-changing mindset to as many people as possible. I attended a Mastermind session run by Bigger Brighter Bolder. Amongst this brilliant group of people, the idea of going out to towns and running a roadshow came up. After exploring this idea we came up with the #LiftYourMind Roadshows.

The #LiftYourMind roadshows run in High Streets and Town Squares on Saturdays. The public lift everyday household objects and compare them to weights you would find in a gym. This raises awareness of how strong and fit we need to be to go about our daily lives. We add each item lifted to the Town Total.

Having run a few now, it has evolved into a Town Challenge which has created quite a lot of competitive buzz. Which Town will lift the most? I am no wordsmith, but Suzi Dixon wrote this about the roadshows which sums them up brilliantly!

Whilst people are taking part we can talk about mental health and the positive effects exercise has on our minds. We run the roadshows in aid of the charity MIND. So much valuable work and support happens through the efforts of MIND. It is a cause close to my heart.

There are six roadshows in this first phase. Thatcham, Hungerford, Newbury and Marlborough in Berkshire, then Abingdon and Didcot in Oxfordshire. Each roadshow we have run has been so much fun and different from the last, so watch out for the blogs to come for each Town’s experience!





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