A Story About…Ripples and Waves

A Story About…Ripples and Waves

I have a purpose that I haven’t been shouting from the roof tops. A mission if you will! One that is ambitious and yet so doable!

My mission is to help the world thrive and live healthier happier lives, one person at a time.

I truly believe that each and every one of us has a magic that needs sharing with others. And that magic is different for everyone. That magic is a true and joyous gift that keeps on giving.

When we share our magic with others it’s like a ripple in the water. The more we share the more ripples are sent out. Others catch those ripples and absorb the energy from them. And their ripples are made stronger because of it. And then their ripples are sent out and help those who are around them.

My magic is to help and support each person I come across to find their best way of thriving. When someone is thriving it is easier to share their magic with others.

My personal purpose is to always leave people happier with their lives than before they met me, whether that is on a personal or professional level.

Most of the time I succeed.
Sometimes people aren’t ready for my ripples. Sometimes the magic needed is somebody else’s. And that’s ok!

I will keep going, spreading my magic and creating my ripples. Making sure those ripples keep circling outwards helping others make waves!

What is your ripple making magic?



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