A Story With…A Starfish

A Story With…A Starfish

Long Story Short: Why is The Southey Way logo a starfish?

Did you know that there are over 1900 different types of Starfish?

And this number is, amazingly, growing.


Did you know Starfish can regenerate?

Most can regenerate damaged parts or lost arms.  How cool is that?


Also, Starfish can have more than 5 arms?

There are some with 9. That must take some coordination!


I didn’t know much about Starfish until someone told me they knew why I wore a starfish necklace, whilst doing what I do with The Southey Way.


Since I had been given the necklace about 10 years before by my kids, there was no way this person knew why I wore it.


But sometimes the world works in mysterious ways.  And the conversation I had with this lady, changed my brand identity instantly and for the better. Turns out she did know, and now so do I!


If you want to know why, read on…


Short Story Long: How my Starfish became the symbol of why I do what I do for me, my clients and with everyone I meet!

About 5 years ago I was at a networking meeting where I was giving a talk about why I do what I do at The Southey Way. I shared my personal Story (you can read it here if you haven’t already heard it) and the reason I was driven to help others find their path through the health and wellbeing minefield to their best and happiest life.


I love doing this.  It’s often the best way to illustrate the power we all have inside us to live our best lives.  It pretty much always gets received well and resonates with others.


But this time it was weird.

After the initial banter at the start I started to share my story proper, and the room went quiet.  I remember thinking to myself (whilst I carried on talking) how weird it was that everyone was just looking at me. Either they were bored out of their minds, or they were listening intently. Ever have one of those moments?! I decided that I’d choose the later and carry on. I’d find out soon enough which it actually was!


So I kept on carrying on.


At the end of the meeting there was a queue lined up waiting to talk with me.  I guess they must have liked it!


Whilst I was chatting, I noticed a lady at the end waiting to speak with me. Every time someone came up behind her, she would move herself back to the end of the queue. Interesting!


Finally, after about 40 minutes we met. She thanked me for my talk and shared her story saying how much mine had resonated with her. (Always such a privilege to be trusted with the stories of others) And just before she left she uttered these words “And I know why you wear that starfish necklace”


Now, this necklace I have worn every day since my children bought it for me 10 years ago.  It was the first present that they chose together to celebrate my birthday. It has always held a special piece of my heart because of that.  But there was no way this wonderful lady could have ever known this fact.


So I asked her why she thought I wore the starfish. And she said, I will email you why.


By the time I got back home, her email was waiting in my inbox. And this is what it contained….



As soon as I read this, I knew she was right.  She DID know why. I just hadn’t made the connection before ready the story.  This story was the perfect representation of what I aim to achieve, my purpose behind The Southey Way.


The very next day I went to my graphic designer, she traced my starfish from my necklace and my starfish logo was born.

Since then, I’ve learned a bit about starfish. And there are some facts that tie in us as individual people within humanity.


There are over 1900 different types of Starfish

These amazing creatures are all beautifully different, as are we!


Starfish can regenerate

It’s never too late to heal and grow


 Starfish can have more than 5 arms. There are some with 9.

We can change and adapt in our lives, if we choose


Often, when people I know see a starfish, they send me a picture.

Clients see starfish all the time.  It helps remind them of their focus.

Friends have given me birthday and Christmas gifts with starfish on.

My daughter (who works with me now) has a turquoise starfish that she wears.


So now you know why my brand is the starfish. And I wear it with pride!


Until next time, Stay Strong Superstar


Sara x


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