It’s Story Time at The Southey Way

It’s Story Time at The Southey Way

Welcome to A Story With…

As someone I have had conversations with, you probably know I’m a little ‘different’

When I was thinking about how to stay in touch with you, I looked for something different to do and A Story with… was born.

I hope you find it interesting and fun. Please tell me, if not!


So what is A Story With…?

We all love a good story. And Life is full of them.

Yours, mine, people we know.  Events that happen, actions we take, things we learn, places that change, you name it and there will be a story around it.

A Story With… is my way of bringing some of these stories to you.

These stories will not be newsletters or buy from me emails.

These will be a sporadically irregular arrival into your inbox about life, the universe and everything.

Any topic that I find interesting and that I think you might too.

There will be stories about life challenges and successes, fitness, mental and emotional health, life and lifestyle, work and play.  There will be guest story tellers and true stories from inspirational people. You will (inevitably) find out more about me as a person as well.

Sometimes these stories will be in written form, other times a short video or audio.

Always, my aim is to entertain you and maybe encourage a new thought or two.

And if you are interested in finding out more about working with me and The Southey Way, you can always book a time for a chat or book onto my TSW SOS Workshop using the links at the end (That’s about as salesy as I get smiles :D)

Watch out for the next couple of stories.  One about who I am and why The Southey Way exists. Oh there’ll also be A Story About a Starfish!

Until next time, stay strong!

Sara x

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