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A Story About…Perception

A Story About…Perception

How do you prevent other people’s perceptions stop you from doing what you’d like and enjoy doing? This is a subject that I hear and see all the time – our perception of ourselves and the perception of what others think about us. I’m too […]

A Story About…Fun (and the gym and our favourite hobbies)

A Story About…Fun (and the gym and our favourite hobbies)

A Story About … fun (and the gym and our favourite hobbies) To be quite honest with you, there are things I like doing more than going to the gym to train. This, I think, is quite a common feeling. I get it. Training can […]

A Story About…Happiness

A Story About…Happiness

There is a lot of talk about work/life balance and how we should strive to maintain the perfect balance between the two. 50/50 being how it is represented often and there in lies happiness.

Or does it?

It seems logical to approach life like this but often it comes with high expectations followed by feelings of failure when those expectations are not met. It can come with overwhelm if you can’t separate those aspects out in order to balance them, and overwhelm tends to lead more to ‘head in the sand’ choices rather than ‘thriving in life’ choices!

I think thriving in life is the ultimate focus.

  • Thriving in life is not clearly defined and delineated.
  • Thriving definitely does not look the same for everyone.
  • Thriving in life is as individual as we are!

Sometimes to thrive we need to pull out all the stops at work and give more time to the jobs in hand to get where we want to go.

Sometimes to thrive we need to take a step back and our foot off the gas of work and chores and obligations and swing in the hammock for a while.

Sometimes to thrive we need to cut loose from our lives and just go play somewhere else and not do adulting for a while!

I prefer to think about thriving as a happiness meter. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best and 1 being just shy of the worse ever) at any given point of the day/week/month we can check in with our own personal happiness meter.

  • It helps to focus in on ourselves for a moment
  • It helps us to recognise where we are and how we feel
  • When we take the time to notice we can become aware
  • Once we are aware we can ask why
  • When we know why we feel a certain way we can take steps to change
  • When we action those steps we can reassess our happiness meter!

Here’s how it works:

Stop what you are doing right now.
Ask yourself “How happy am I right now?”

Don’t overthink – go with whatever your gut tells you!
Now listen to the dialogue in your head as it tries to talk you up or down on the numbers!
Reassess your first number and ask yourself why it’s that number.

Now ask yourself “what action can I do to raise that number by 1?”
Do that action.
Then re-measure.

The beauty of this is you can do it whenever and wherever you are, as little or often as you want.

What is your number right now?
What action will you take to raise your number by 1 ?

(Picture of me in my hammock with Nelly, raising my number by 1)



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A Story About…Ripples and Waves

A Story About…Ripples and Waves

I have a purpose that I haven’t been shouting from the roof tops. A mission if you will! One that is ambitious and yet so doable! My mission is to help the world thrive and live healthier happier lives, one person at a time. I […]

A Story About…Owning our Sh*t!

A Story About…Owning our Sh*t!

I was once told I was arrogant for saying “I’m awesome at what I do” ❓How would you react if someone said this to you? Would you… Get angry or cross? Apologise? Say thank you? Feel hurt? I was grateful for the comment because it […]

A Story About…Disappointment & Celebration ….what would you do?

A Story About…Disappointment & Celebration ….what would you do?

When my consultant told me the other week that I have Osteoarthritis in my shoulder, my heart fell. When he then told me “No more CrossFit and no more Powerlifting” I nearly cried!

These two have been my joy for so many years and I’ve been holding on tight to the hope I’ll get back to them fully. They are essential to me for both my physical and mental health and I have never found anything to replace them in my heart.

When he said “you’ll just have to do cardio and light resistant training for your muscle tone” I nearly lost my sh*t! This is old fashioned thinking at best and at worst could lead women to think they must not train at all. (I can’t imagine he would have used this language to a man).

Luckily (for him), I was able to breathe through my emotional response quickly and respond in a logical and respectful manner.

To cut a long story short, after a discussion we came to an agreement of what would be acceptable for both of us in terms of the restrictions I now have and maximising the length of time I have with good range of movement and minimising my pain levels.

So welcome to CrossFit Lite

Gone are the big numbers and pushing hard
Here to stay are small numbers and fun

Gone are the flashy gymnastics of pull ups and handstand press-ups
Here to stay is the static holds & strength building to support continued movement long term

Gone are the competitions and adrenaline of the ‘3..2..1..Go!’
Here to stay is community spirit and supporting & cheering on others

Gone are the PB celebrations
Here to stay the daily celebrations of still being able to do what I love

I have found MY way of achieving what I need for sustainable, continuous health.

Each day will be different and each time I train I will have to scale my movements and my thinking.

Some days I will be able to do more and some days I may have to rest.

And that is OK.
Because I can still train.
There’s so much I CAN do.

And because I refuse to sit in despair feeling sad for myself I will always find my silver lining and My Way. I will continue to do this, whatever life throws at me.

Because life is for living and thriving; Not settling and surviving.

Why do I share this with you?

I’m tired of you accepting less than you deserve, being told you can’t or shouldn’t with no real evidence.
I’m tired of hearing sweeping generic prescriptions around diet and exercise and health in general before a discussion has happened about what you as an individual can and want to do.

We need champions of positivity and possibility in challenging times not doom and gloom naysaying.

Who is your champion?

If you don’t have a champion of positivity and possibility, give me a shout.



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A Story About…Eating

A Story About…Eating

How does your past experience shape your approach to eating now? Can we change our future? I think so!   ‘Eyes bigger than…’   I was reminded of this phrase whilst eating my lunch recently.   I was starving. So made a very decent sized […]

A Story About…Old dog, old tricks…and new!

A Story About…Old dog, old tricks…and new!

A Story about …Old dog, old tricks…and new! After almost 4 years and 5 operations I finally got permission to go back to the sport I love. Bring it on. Never too old Never too broken Never let life stop you Always time to do […]

A Story About…Overflowing

A Story About…Overflowing

A Story about …Overflowing …and who’s in your corner?

A river, on the whole, is a great example of personal growth and development.

It carves its way through the landscape, growing slowly, making small changes in its path to obstacles that it comes up against.

Its pattern seems a constant at a glimpse, but watched over time you see the changes happen.

And so it continues on its merry way, doing its own thing in its own time, gradually progressing and finding its way.

Sometimes, external forces exert their influence. In this case, a massive increase in its level of water due to massive rain fall.

So it is forced to make a drastic change. Something has to give.

The river bursts its banks to ease the pressure.

Then, with the help of other external influences – the ground talking the excess load, the weather changing to slow the influx of water – the river returns to flowing slowly down to the sea.

We can look after ourselves, create our own path, keep on our own personal journey of health and happiness.

Sometimes, those external forces make their presence felt and we have to make drastic changes.

? Who is in your corner to help you absorb the impact and help steer you back into your flow?



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A Story About…”You do you hun”

A Story About…”You do you hun”

  A story about “You do you hun” …. what anchors you when the expectation to conform conflicts with your authenticity? I’ve seen this phrase is being used on social media in a derogatory manner. And quite frankly it makes me cross. As someone who […]