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A Story About…Rainbows

A Story About…Rainbows

A Story About Rainbows … and sun rises and sun sets. I a rainbow. I also love a sunset and a sun rise. (Although the latter is more of a struggle for me to see in the summer. One great silver lining to those short […]

A Story About…Real Life

A Story About…Real Life

How do you cope when plans change? ????We know it’s good to have a plan. We know everything has a better chance of happening with a plan behind it. The project at work, the day trip with the kids, the diet and exercise plan…. ❓ […]

A Story About…The Chair

A Story About…The Chair

❓Do you have an object which is an essential part of your business?

The Chair has had some more repairs recently … the piping was coming away and it led me to think about how valued it is by visitors to The Shed …

A story about The Chair

Not just any chair.

It sits in The Shed – my place of work, my gym.

This chair is super special

It’s an arm chair. Small and perfectly proportioned. It’s tartan. Its arms are the perfect height. It’s like getting a supportive hug.

It used to sit in my grandmother’s house and was where I’d sit when I visited and listen to her stories.

When she died, the chair came to me.
And now it lives in my shed.

I’ve read books in it, cuddled my children in it. The Chair was even the puppy sitter when lockdown hit and nobody could come to The Shed.

It’s an odd addition to a gym setting.
But then, I’m a little different to a conventional fitness professional. So it works.

Every person that comes to visit my shed, sits in The Chair.

It’s where people share their life stories with me: the passion, goals, happiness, sadness, worries and achievements.

There is something very magical about this chair.

To look at it, you’d not know it’s role in helping support people to live their best life. But when you sit in The Chair, great things can happen.

A while ago, one of its legs broke and I took the chair out of The Shed.

I though “Perhaps I don’t put it back in when it’s fixed”. After all, it is a tad incongruous with the setting.

My clients let me know otherwise.
“Where’s the chair Sara?”
“Oh no it’s broken!”
“When is it coming back?”
“I miss the chair”

Even those who hadn’t consciously realised the specialness of the chair asked after it.

Definitive evidence that The Chair is as much a part of The Southey Way experience as all the gym equipment!

So a week later (after it was properly fixed) ????the chair was back and normal service (for us Southey Way Superstars) was resumed!

????You see, The Chair holds space and time for each individual who sits in it. Space for them to step out of their life commitments and concentrate on themselves and what is happening in their lives. Space and time to process, evaluate, make choices and decide on what action to take.

There are times when The Chair is used solely to rest between exercises or to store the extra layers that come off when the sweat kicks in. ????

There are other times when no exercise is done at all and The Chair provided it’s support for an hour’s in depth discussion on life.

????And everything in between! Spaniel therapy is often available for those that need it ???? whilst they take their time to explore their health and well-being.

As a recognised essential team member, The Chair gets its own TLC from running repairs, regular environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitising to the regular appreciation from all who sit in The Chair!

What inanimate object do you have that is an essential part of your team?


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A Story About…Individuality

A Story About…Individuality

????What does individuality mean to you? I am a firm believer that individuality is vital for a thriving life. For you and all around you. I believe in this so much, it is the foundation of how I work. Too much of our lives can […]

A Story About…Compliments

A Story About…Compliments

A Story About … Compliments How do you respond when someone compliments you? “I am awesome” It’s a statement I have been told by many of my superstar ???? clients. It’s a statement I now use and completely own. It can have an interesting impact […]

A Story About…Fun

A Story About…Fun

A Story About … Fun (and the gym and our favourite hobbies)

To be quite honest with you, there are things I like doing more than going to the gym to train.

This, I think, is quite a common feeling.

I get it. Training can be boring and gyms can be intimidating and scary.
Sometimes pointless and a waste of time, repeating the same thing over and over again without seeing progress. And god forbid you actually talk with someone and have a laugh whilst you are there. It’s like the fitness equivalent of the London Tube!

I work to help you reframe your approach to training.

What if we looked at our lives and those things we love to do? And then worked to create a training regime that supports you and that fun?

Then, each training session has a purpose. You can clearly understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing and HOW it will support you and the fun in your life. And you will feel the benefit to WHAT you are doing WHEN you go have your fun.

I encourage every superstar of mine to focus on their life over training and we create a way of working that supports, improves and strengthens their fun. And we have fun whilst we do it!

Some of the fun I support my superstars with:

Pole dancing
Horse riding


What fun hobbies do you do that you’d enjoy more if you were stronger, fitter, and more mobile?


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A Story About…Inspiration

A Story About…Inspiration

Who or what inspires you? I find people truly inspiring. Each individual has a story and there is always something I can learn, celebrate and be inspired by when listening to parts of their journey through life. In particular I find my Superstar clients to […]

A Story About…Eating

A Story About…Eating

How does your past experience shape your approach to eating now? Can we change our future? I think so ⏬ “Eyes bigger than… ???? “ I was reminded of this phrase whilst eating my lunch recently. I was starving. So made a very decent sized […]

A Story About… Best Laid Plans

A Story About… Best Laid Plans

How do you deal with a big change in what you had carefully planned?

At the weekend we were meant to plant our hedge. The trench was dug in readiness last week for 100s of plants to go in.

And then it rained, a lot ☔️

Our trench turned into a canal
Our clay soil so waterlogged you could make pots from it
The ordered soil conditioner didn’t turn up

So no planting could happen ????

Sometimes the best laid plans are foiled by things out of our control.

Frustrating! But also an opportunity for something different to happen.

Here’s my quick way of dealing with a change in plans:

1. Let it go – move on quickly
If there is really nothing that can be done then there’s no point in holding onto the frustration of a plan that no longer works.

2. Find the positive in the negative
For me this meant I could enjoy the beautiful sunshine on Sunday without being covered in mud

3. Make Plan B – as soon as you can
For me this means using the week time to do ‘little and often’ in the prep work in order to make planting easier next weekend

How do you deal with a change in plans?


Would you like to make changes that stick in your business or personal life (or both!) ?
Join Mike Foster and I on 4th May on our Habit Maker event .
Link to learn more ????



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A Story about …CBA days

A Story about …CBA days

Do you get them? What do you do? ? For those of you not familiar with the term CBA stands for Can’t Be Arsed We all have those days, even people who seem to regularly have all their ducks in a row! ???? Some signs […]