Take Control Individual

Take Control Individual

Individual 121 Programme Sessions:

- Personal 121 coaching and guidance to create sustainable health habits

- Greater accountability and support on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

- Fast track your health & fitness learning

- Personal training sessions

- Bespoke programming for specific challenges or goals

All my Individual Clients have their own bespoke health & fitness content created specifically for their requirements. The bespoke plans are for a minimum of 3 months and include some or all of the following:

- Personal Training sessions at The Southey Way or on-line via Zoom

- Personalised Nutrition guidance

- Sleep & Lifestyle advice

- Energy management, restoration & healing

- Fat loss, weight management help

- Strength, conditioning and mobility programming

- Sport-specific exercise programmes

- Charity challenge & adventure programming

- Daily/weekly/monthly reviews and accountability

- Ongoing direct contact with me


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