Top Health Tips for Time Poor Individuals

Top Health Tips for Time Poor Individuals

Today I was tagged in a post asking for my

Top Health Tips for Time Poor individuals

by the fabulous Victoria Wright from The Living Herb

Victoria’s post contained this picture.Time poor health poor

I was asked to comment on what my top health tips would be.

This is my response.

I hope it helps someone somewhere!


I can see there is quite a lot going on in this message.

Firstly a great deal of anger and frustration at being told to do something that seems unachievable. Secondly there also seems a desperation for someone to tell them what they should do for the best. And lastly, there seems a definite feeling of being out of control of their health and wellbeing.

We all have different approaches to life and living…

What is perceived as healthy by one can be too much for another.

What is overwhelm for one is not enough for another.

This is why health blueprints, plans and 6week this, 30day that don’t work for all of us.


Self care is not prescriptive, not a one size fits all.
We have to accept our own responsibility for our health habits.

It doesn’t have to cost loads of money.
It doesn’t have to take loads of time.
It does require effort and action
This has to come from each of us as individuals


To each and every person frustrated and overwhelmed by the health & fitness industry
For anyone struggling with making better choices for their health and life

Here are my Top Health Tips:

* Do not let social media influencers tell you what you should or shouldn’t do/eat/drink.
* Your neighbour’s opinion on the latest detox may not be fact
* The latest diet series on TV should not control what you eat

* Do your research
* Learn for yourself what is out there
* Decide what works for you
* Then do that!

* Take conscious and considered action to help yourself.
* Reading/watching/listening to the opinions of others on what you SHOULD do is not your road to success
* You accepting responsibility for yourself and your actions is

* Only have 5minutes at the beginning/end of the day for yourself? Then use that time wisely
* Consistency is key. Give yourself your 5 mins EVERY day
* Choose what small action you can do to have the biggest impact FOR YOU in your 5 mins
* Do that action so long that you miss it if you don’t do it
* Then choose your next small action and repeat

And to ensure I answer the question of No time? No Money? No Energy?
* 5 minutes is better than none
* 10mins is better than 5
* Mark it as non negotiable YOU time
* Choose one small change to do in that time
* Do it effectively and consistently

One small change, consistently, can make a big impact on your health long term
But only YOU can choose to do it.
Not some influencer on SM
Not some guilt prodding post trying to make money out of you.

Only YOU are responsible for making YOUR choices
Only you are in control of your life
Choose to live it well!

Use this pyramid to help you create your own

Top Health Tips for your life:


Have a look at the categories in the pyramid and decide what they mean to you. 

* Write down your 1-10 score for each category
* Give yourself your 1-10 over all score
* For each category, what one small change will move you closer to a 10?
* Choose one of those small changes to focus on and do it!


It’s not new or rocket science and it is free!

Hopefully it will help you if you are short on time, money or energy.

If you are not sure what your action should be, drop me a PM.

It would be my pleasure to help you find it!


Sara x


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1 thought on “Top Health Tips for Time Poor Individuals”

  • This is brilliant advice. I know I benefitted so much by coming to Sara 3 years ago when I’d had enough of wanting to get healthy by not able to do it on my own.

    She will listen carefully and do what works for YOU.

    I’ve gone back to Sara again and again because it works to get bespoke help with all the noise out there.

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