Your Story

It’s time to create a stronger you.

Your Story

Do you feel that the real you, the person you want to be and maybe once were has disappeared?

Have you struggled to find the time to go to a gym, unsure what exactly you should be doing when you get there? Or have you regularly failed to make a fitness class due to lack of motivation and support?

You are not alone; many struggle with their health and well being around middle age. Evidence shows that we are having families later in life, returning to work for longer, juggling with the teenage years, often at the same time as looking after elderly relatives. This is all whilst dealing with the challenges of flagging energies, physical changes and confidence levels.

It’s no wonder that we often cave in under all this pressure and lose confidence or at the very least, lack our sense of purpose.

This often comes at a time when we also have to deal with life changing situations including children leaving home, changing relationships within the family, increased financial pressures such as university fees or even separation.

The Southey Way will provide you with the training, support, guidance and motivation to reset and energise your life. We enable you to benefit from being part of a secure group of like minded individuals where you can all work together to stay on track, gain confidence and become a stronger, healthier you at this challenging stage of your life.

“I took it upon myself to turn my life around. I wanted to be healthier, have more vitality, energy and strength. I wanted long-term benefits not a short-term fix by dropping a dress size for a few months.”

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