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A Story About…”You do you hun”

A Story About…”You do you hun”

  A story about “You do you hun” …. what anchors you when the expectation to conform conflicts with your authenticity? I’ve seen this phrase is being used on social media in a derogatory manner. And quite frankly it makes me cross. As someone who […]

A Story About…The Voice In Your Head

A Story About…The Voice In Your Head

A Story About…The Voice In Your Head What does the voice in your head tell you? Is it helpful or unhelpful stuff? The Internal Voice can be very convincing! No, don’t be stupid You are rubbish at You can’t do You’re not good enough to […]

A Story About…Health

A Story About…Health

A story about…..Health is for life not just for January

???? January is a time when lots of people make decisions to change many aspects in their lives.

Gyms see the impact of this as their membership number goes up.????

????????But being healthy is so much more than time in the gym.

Healthy involves all aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, work, rest and play.

I’d say small changes throughout the day done consistently can have a bigger impact on our health than an hour in the gym occasionally.
(Controversial statement coming from a PT!)????

But these changes can suffer from the impact of Real Life. Our motivation and focus can be lost in the day to day challenges. And our implementation of the decision we have made can drop off and often get abandoned completely under the pressure.

Sounds doom & gloom.
But there is a different way.

It makes a huge difference to the longevity of change if we have support, accountability and a sounding board on a consistent basis to keep us moving forward.

???? This is where I can help……

So if you want to make personal change happen Your Way in 2024 and can see the benefit in being supported and held accountable to keep you moving forward this year, drop me a note to find out more.

Your Health is for life and not just January???? Message me now to find out more.

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