A Story About…”You do you hun”

A Story About…”You do you hun”


A story about “You do you hun”

…. what anchors you when the expectation to conform conflicts with your authenticity?

I’ve seen this phrase is being used on social media in a derogatory manner. And quite frankly it makes me cross.

As someone who embraces the uniqueness of each individual, the thought that what makes us different could be a bad thing sits very uncomfortably with me.

To my delight, though, there is also an increasing wave of focus on authenticity and being unapologetically you.

I love it. Long may it reign, for me and everyone who has hidden their uniqueness.

It’s been a long slog for me but I’m finally there!

For years, I put a brave face on, delivered what others expected of me, said yes to make people happy, ran my business how others told me it should be done. Generally conformed to the acceptable status quo.

For years I wasn’t me, wasn’t happy. In fact I was downright miserable. Not that anyone would have known of course, as I kept it all under wraps. Don’t show weakness, vulnerability or open yourself up to criticism. Keep on carrying on and all that!

I really started to celebrate my and others uniqueness when I started The Southey Way. Helping people find their way to thrive their way. Deciphering the generic code of health & fitness and throwing all the ‘you musts’ and the ‘shoulds’ in the bin and finding a path that works for each individual superstar. Over 7 years in and I am still loving it!

Today was an epic day in ‘embrace the uniqueness of you’. A fabulous alternative way to network and find authentic support followed by laughing and crying with a new client as we start in her journey.

A true validation of self and self-worth that helps anchor my ship in rocky times. When I’m told what I do and how I do it is wrong or can be improved by this programme or that magic 5 elements I remember days like this and reaffirm that I am more than enough in my uniqueness and I will carry on being unapologetically and authentically me.

What anchors you when the expectation to conform conflicts with your authenticity?

So, You do you hun, Always!
And if you need non-judgemental support, you know where I am.


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