A Story About…Overflowing

A Story About…Overflowing

A Story about …Overflowing …and who’s in your corner?

A river, on the whole, is a great example of personal growth and development.

It carves its way through the landscape, growing slowly, making small changes in its path to obstacles that it comes up against.

Its pattern seems a constant at a glimpse, but watched over time you see the changes happen.

And so it continues on its merry way, doing its own thing in its own time, gradually progressing and finding its way.

Sometimes, external forces exert their influence. In this case, a massive increase in its level of water due to massive rain fall.

So it is forced to make a drastic change. Something has to give.

The river bursts its banks to ease the pressure.

Then, with the help of other external influences – the ground talking the excess load, the weather changing to slow the influx of water – the river returns to flowing slowly down to the sea.

We can look after ourselves, create our own path, keep on our own personal journey of health and happiness.

Sometimes, those external forces make their presence felt and we have to make drastic changes.

? Who is in your corner to help you absorb the impact and help steer you back into your flow?



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