A Story about … Musical Chairs

A Story about … Musical Chairs

This week it has been Shed Social week. One of my favourite times!

I started the Shed Socials this year as an opportunity for people to come and hang out over nibbles and coffee/tea.

A space to chat about nothing and everything.

A time with no agenda other than to be friendly, supportive and share problems and find solutions.

Over the last 5 months there have been regulars and new people, just 2 and over 12 people. The conversations have been many and varied. Personal and business. Serious and ridiculous. Introductions have been made and business done. Problems discussed and alternative views exchanged.
The common feedback, without fail, is that people leave happier and more energised than they arrived. ????

This week’s Shed Social was no exception! Fabulous people with open minds and a common interest in others. There was lots of changes in seats as people moved around to talk. A truly uplifting experience for me as well as all who came along.

We left with hugs and smiles and lots of “see you next month”. The next Shed Social is June 15th. Who will we see playing musical chairs?! Easy online booking here????



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