A Story About… Best Laid Plans

A Story About… Best Laid Plans

How do you deal with a big change in what you had carefully planned?

At the weekend we were meant to plant our hedge. The trench was dug in readiness last week for 100s of plants to go in.

And then it rained, a lot ☔️

Our trench turned into a canal
Our clay soil so waterlogged you could make pots from it
The ordered soil conditioner didn’t turn up

So no planting could happen ????

Sometimes the best laid plans are foiled by things out of our control.

Frustrating! But also an opportunity for something different to happen.

Here’s my quick way of dealing with a change in plans:

1. Let it go – move on quickly
If there is really nothing that can be done then there’s no point in holding onto the frustration of a plan that no longer works.

2. Find the positive in the negative
For me this meant I could enjoy the beautiful sunshine on Sunday without being covered in mud

3. Make Plan B – as soon as you can
For me this means using the week time to do ‘little and often’ in the prep work in order to make planting easier next weekend

How do you deal with a change in plans?


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