A Story About…Rainbows

A Story About…Rainbows

A Story About Rainbows … and sun rises and sun sets.

I a rainbow. I also love a sunset and a sun rise. (Although the latter is more of a struggle for me to see in the summer. One great silver lining to those short winter days)

They leave me in awe and hope. Of the world and also of life.

Most of the photographs I have (that aren’t my family, friends, and dogs) are these pictures. A fact I didn’t realise until the locked screen selection in my phone showed me the landscapes I photograph!

What do sunrises, sunsets and rainbows have in common?

The best ones need some bad weather to be truly awesome. You need a good bit of stormy cloud or cumulus in the distance for the light to shine through.

Actually that’s the key word – distance.
Without it none of these would be quite so spectacular.

Bit like life really. Often when we are weathering a storm, we can’t see the sun or the light. And all can seem miserable, hopeless.

But a little distance, either by stepping away, doing something else or talking with someone, can change our perspective and show us the light. Giving us the awe and hope back into our lives.

So next time you are caught in (one of the many) downpours, see if you can change your perspective on something.

And if you are struggling, I’m here to help you find the distance and hope


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