A Story About…Fun

A Story About…Fun

A Story About … Fun (and the gym and our favourite hobbies)

To be quite honest with you, there are things I like doing more than going to the gym to train.

This, I think, is quite a common feeling.

I get it. Training can be boring and gyms can be intimidating and scary.
Sometimes pointless and a waste of time, repeating the same thing over and over again without seeing progress. And god forbid you actually talk with someone and have a laugh whilst you are there. It’s like the fitness equivalent of the London Tube!

I work to help you reframe your approach to training.

What if we looked at our lives and those things we love to do? And then worked to create a training regime that supports you and that fun?

Then, each training session has a purpose. You can clearly understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing and HOW it will support you and the fun in your life. And you will feel the benefit to WHAT you are doing WHEN you go have your fun.

I encourage every superstar of mine to focus on their life over training and we create a way of working that supports, improves and strengthens their fun. And we have fun whilst we do it!

Some of the fun I support my superstars with:

Pole dancing
Horse riding


What fun hobbies do you do that you’d enjoy more if you were stronger, fitter, and more mobile?


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