A Story About…Compliments

A Story About…Compliments

A Story About … Compliments

How do you respond when someone compliments you?

“I am awesome”

It’s a statement I have been told by many of my superstar ???? clients.

It’s a statement I now use and completely own.

It can have an interesting impact from the people who hear me say it.

Cocky, arrogant, egotistical are some of the words used.

Also “you can’t say that about yourself” and “we’re not meant to blow our own trumpet. It’s rude”.

Saying nice things about yourself out loud is not acceptable to some it seems. ‘Boasting’ is a big sin, apparently.

So it’s not surprising that when someone says nice things ABOUT us TO us we struggle to accept or believe them.

I read a post on social media where a brilliant and genuine individual was uncomfortable receiving a thank you because “I didn’t think I had done much, I was just doing my job!”

They also asked the question “When was the last time one of your clients thanked you for a job well done and do you take it for granted?

My response?

Often and never! To answer your question ????

To receive a compliment is a gift. Accepting with grace is the way to show you value their gift.

When we accept it gracefully it tells our brains that we are worth that compliment. The more we accept the more it reinforces that value of ourselves.

The beauty is, when we start accepting the thanks, we don’t have to believe for it to start making the internal changes.

Before you know it, you are valuing the impact of your skills on others as much as they do ????

It is possible to own your awesomeness.  It is very acceptable for you to do so ????

I know I am awesome at what I do because my clients tell me so.

If I did not accept this I’m saying all of them are lying and I am right.

Isn’t this the most disrespectful response? Both to them and to myself?

The greatest gift for me is to see others finally own their awesomeness and accept my compliments to them with grace and self confidence ????

It is reward in itself to see someone accept a genuine compliment. It can leave positive ripples through their (and your) day.

How do you respond to a compliment?

And if you want help finding and accepting your awesome, you know where to come ????


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