A Story About…Individuality

A Story About…Individuality

????What does individuality mean to you?

I am a firm believer that individuality is vital for a thriving life.

For you and all around you.

I believe in this so much, it is the foundation of how I work.

Too much of our lives can be influenced by others: family, work, health, marketing, sales, cultural, prejudice. The list goes on. I’m sure you can add more to the list.

It starts from a very early age: doing what we’re told, doing what we should, doing what is expected. This gets externally rewarded and so we feel we are doing the right thing.

We are not taught from an early age (certainly my generation) to be individuals, to question, to do what is right for us as a person.

It took me years to shake off this external expectation and do what is right for me. After all, putting yourself first is the ultimate selfishness. And nobody wants to be thought of as selfish do they?

But what if you looked at yourself as an individual and thought ‘what will I choose?’

When someone tells us we should do this, to ask them (and ourselves) ‘why would I do that?’

Here’s my take on the power of individuality.

????The power of individuality is in asking WHY and the choice we make from the answer we get.

????The power of individuality is taking responsibility for our own actions and for those choices we make that move us forward to be better, healthier, happier human beings.

????The power of individuality is looking at all the options, researching behind the external influences and making a choice that is the best one for YOU as an individual.

I’m not saying it is easy to do. It takes practise. There are always many factors that can influence a decision or action. Sometimes it is an extremely hard choice to make. And I certainly don’t always get it right!

But being an individual means taking that responsibility for our choices and actions in the knowledge that we are doing the best we can every day.

The knock on effect of this individuality means the relationships we have with others comes from a place of personal certainty and strength. So we can best support others in our lives to make their individual choices.

It is the reason I am not affiliated with, ambassador for or profiting from any organisation. So that I can remain independent and offer my individual help, support and advice ????

I have declined some amazing opportunities after long soul searching that looked great on paper but compromised my core belief that I remain independent.

It is the reason why The Southey Way is different to the accepted Personal Trainer model.

????My purpose behind helping each and every individual I work with is to encourage them to put themselves first, look at their options, take responsibility for the choices they make for their own lives. To help them do it their way.

How would your decisions and actions change if you put yourself in the centre of your own individual universe?

Why would you put yourself first?


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