A Story About… Life Experience

A Story About… Life Experience

Do you have a seemingly unconnected job in your past which has given you skills you use now?


After taking delivery of these beauties I am facing a weekend of revisiting a past career as a garden designer ????


????And it got me thinking about life experience. And life experience in terms of what we do for a living.


As a child I wanted to be a ballet dancer but at the age of 9 I was told I was the wrong shape so not to bother. As a young teenager I decided I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Different times meant that as a woman I wasn’t allowed. They offered me air traffic controller as an alternative option ????


After this influence it meant that I never quite found the answer to the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’


Until I was in my mid 40’s when I found my purpose and set up The Southey Way (growing up is still not an option!)


Between then and now, in rough order, I have been:

Recruitment consultant
Contracts manager
Project manager
Outplacement consultant
IT Trainer
Personal development trainer& coach
Unemployed abroad
Garden designer

And now Health & Fitness coach/Mentor


If I had to put all those professions on a CV it could look like a right hodge podge with no logical flow.

And that thought could be justified.

However now, looking back at my working life, it all makes sense. As they have all contributed to how I work now.

All these jobs have given me such a wide range of learning, influences, and experience that I use on a daily basis to help support each and every one of my superstars on their life paths.


????My magic is in listening and hearing people. In building those relationship with individuals and providing what they need at a given moment in time.

Sometimes the path we take doesn’t have a visible destination. Or we can’t currently see it.

By looking back at where we have already travelled we can see the purpose to the past journey and the path opening up into the future.


What seemingly unconnected job in your past helps you in your work now?


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